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 Portfolio of Design Groups

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Noel Geroge

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Portfolio of Design Groups   Empty
PostSubject: Portfolio of Design Groups    Portfolio of Design Groups   EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 1:02 pm

The design groups and builders Kochi combine insights, interior design, classic architecture and design to deliver world class environments. Corporate headquarters design and designed work spaces and office compared to world class standards are provided by the design groups.

Consumers demanding what and how they want, whenever they want it drives the new global leisure ‘revolution’. To provide leisure or lifestyle solutions one needs to understand deeply the rapidly changing consumer behavior and preferences right from bowling alleys to the new genre lifestyle hotels. Architects and interior designers aim at food and beverage design like restaurant interior design, pub design, commercial bar design and food court design. They strive to build the concept from brief to build within the budget and time constraints. The changing consumer preference for premium spirit brands and more female friendly environments are being reflected on the emergence of style bars. To design a restaurant one needs to understand the competition, developing and researching the right concept for the right location and developing a brand platform. The keys to customer loyalty and repeat business are consistency between the environment, the food offer and delivery. The design groups develop research and design refinement processes so as to reduce risk by defining appropriate market segments such as fine dining, casual, quick service, all day dining and matching them with the right consumer demographics and preferences.

The design groups also cater to the broad leisure and hospitality spectrum and specifically the Hotel Industry. The wide spectrum of portfolio of the design groups helps them to excel in their industry.
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Portfolio of Design Groups
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